Infrasol Breaks Ground in Services throughout the country

Infrasol Breaks Ground in Services throughout the country

Since inception Infrasol has strived to break any barrier to service in the country without draining the resources from local communities.

We chose to adopt a system of empowering small companies to provide services to their communities whilst leveraging of a world class back office system that will cater for call and billing systems integrated with a knowledgebase built over a number of years, says Michael MC Gee Managing Director of Infrasol.

The world is going through an Infrastructure revolution but few can fund this growth. South African roads have become building zones and all is necessary to drive the impending emancipation of super fast band width to the citizens, he adds.

Never before have we seen changes this rapid, he continues, companies are no longer fixed to physical geographies, mobile workers will increase and our ability to communicate through a multitude of platforms.

The true outcome of the revolution will be known in some years but we see everyone starting to gear up for the content age, the seamless and effortless agility knowledge workers will have to produce without having to ever see an office.

MC Gee predicts that the winners of the race will have the infrastructure to become an integrated part of society, maintain and retain communities and most importantly provide content relevant to each individual.

The cloud will for the short-term cause loss of jobs but as companies start creating there own secure cloud strategies taking advantage of cheaper local bandwidth costs the total cost of ownership will diminish.

The tablet in all its forms and operation systems is truly creating a world with no fixed workspace, offices will shrink but the output from a companies workforce will increase substantially, he predicts.